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Jul 8, 2022

For the last episode of the season we jumped on the Stranger Things bandwagon and talked about Dublin's Hellfire Club.

Thanks for listening to our shite for another season and we'll see ye all in September!

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May 17, 2022

This week we had Shane Clifford on to talk about Ireland's favourite saint, the man who found America (100% confirmed), and Kerry's finest son, St. Brendan the Navigator.

Shane is a great man all together, you can find more of his stuff on IG here, on twitter here and on his own podcast here

We also talked for far too...

Dec 30, 2021

This week Jason tells Kevin all about Ireland's most famous sea beasts; from Fionn mac Cumhaill's Caoránach to Killarney's Muckie, and all the Oilliphéists in between.

Also, happy new year to ye all!

Dec 8, 2021

It's time for an old mythological Irish story you've probably all heard before too many times but, likes us, have more than likely forgotten, if not some of the details, the complete story entirely other than...SWANS!!!

We're also doing a live gig in Kilkenny tomorrow (the 9th of December) where we'll be talking about...

Sep 2, 2021

This week Jason told Kevin about the legend of Buile Shuibhne aka Mad Sweeney, the wandering King.

We also did a bonus episode about the Annals fo the Four Masters (the ancient book this story comes from) which you can listen to over on our patreon.